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Steel Building Components in Gentry, AR

Steel Trusses & DIY Steel Buildings

Adams Truss Steel and Metal Building Kits is proud to be the premier resource for truss building kits and other materials for DIY steel buildings. We’re proud to be a superior option for steel building developers in a wide variety of fields, including agricultural and commercial industries in particular.

Steel Building Components In Gentry, AR

Our Capabilities

Our truss manufacturing capabilities include a bevy of essential options for steel building developments of all types:

Engineered Trusses:

We manufacture engineered steel trusses on a 4/12 pitch, 5/12 pitch and 6/12 pitch, in widths of 24′ to 60′, with sidewalls 8′ to 18′.

Truss Legs:

For truss legs, we’re able to manufacture an open web leg or a channel leg design, in either 6″ or 8″ widths, up to 20′ sidewalls.

Gambrel Roof Trusses:

We manufacture a gambrel roof truss that is 24′ wide, with options for both 8′ or 10′ sidewalls.

Our custom trusses are conveniently offered in a number of encompassing packages, as well as in personalized packages to meet the needs of your unique project. We also offer you the option to purchase trusses only through us, giving you the opportunity to source remaining materials and other steel building components locally.

Our packages

For those builders interested in the full package, rather than individual steel building components, we have a number of viable options to choose from:

Deluxe Package:

Includes straight leg trusses, end wall trusses, 40 year painted metal and 1″ Thermax board insulation for roofing and walls. This is a builder friendly package, recommended for our customers that have expansion in mind.

Budget Stretcher:

Includes web leg trusses and 40 year painted metal. Does not include end wall trusses or insulation. Consider this option if you don’t intend to add the self support side shed or to extend length. *50’and 60′ spans include trusses for each end wall.

Just a Roof:

Includes web leg trusses, end wall trusses and 40 year painted roof metal only. Does not include insulation. This option allows you to save money now by building to the size you need, with the option to enclose at a later time.

Contact Us

Outside of the above packages, we also offer a number of pitch options and truss sizes to meet the needs of your unique development! Contact us today if you’re planning for a steel building construction, and we’ll be happy to assist you in obtaining the components you need. We can be reached at 479-736-8581 and serve throughout Gentry, AR, the entire state of Arkansas, and those in Missouri, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

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