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Important Information About DIY Steel Building Kits in the Midwest and Mid-South

At Adams Truss, Inc., we are pleased to offer a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) steel building kits to make it easier than ever for you to set up the steel buildings you need on your property, without having to hire an expensive team of contractors to get the job done for you. Each kit comes with all the equipment and supplies you need to get your building erected and ready to use.

Here is some information you should know before you begin working on your DIY steel building kit in locations such as Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana:

DIY steel building kits are outrageously easy to use and set up

They’re so easy to use and set up, in fact, that you do not even need to have any prior experience with carpentry or framing. All of our kits come with everything you need to get the job done, and all materials have already been measured and cut to the specifications. The only power tool you will likely need is a cordless drill. This means that, if you can tighten bolts, you can set up one of these buildings. How easy is that?

The roofs only need to be raised, rather than lifted

Roofs for steel building kits arch up from the side walls. To create the building, you raise the arch off the ground, rather than lifting up the whole piece. Each arch only requires about 50 pounds of force to raise, which means if you have a buddy along to help you out, you only need to put in 25 pounds of force each, which is practically nothing.

The benefits of these steel building kits in Oklahoma are too numerous to ignore

Most steel building kit owners can get their buildings set up without needing to rely on any contractors. Therefore, you can save a great deal of cash on projects you can easily get done yourself instead. All of the manuals that come with our kits are extremely easy to follow, and you do not need to spend extra money on tools or equipment that you do not already have. Just set aside a few days of work and make sure you get help from a few friends!

DIY steel building kits in Texas have numerous applications.

There are several ways steel building kits can be used. Our kits are most commonly used for steel barns, aircraft hangars and garages, though there are certainly plenty of other applications for them.

How do I raise a DIY steel building?

Typically it is a four-step process. First, pour out the concrete footing on the building site, making sure it’s level. Next, assemble the arches, then raise them and secure them to the concrete. Repeat this step until you’ve raised all the arches. Finally, add on the doors and end walls and tighten any loose bolts, and you’re all done!

To learn more about our variety of DIY steel building kits in Louisiana, we encourage you to reach out to us with your questions today at Adams Truss, Inc.