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The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Prefab Steel Buildings

The choice to buy a steel building is not a decision you should make lightly. You are going to be putting a significant investment into this building and, in turn, your business or property. Therefore, you must exercise due diligence when researching prefab steel buildings and selecting one to place on your property.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes customers make when purchasing steel buildings. Talk to an experienced truss manufacturer in Arkansas ahead of time, and consider these mistakes and learn from them so you do not end up repeating them:

  • Pouring a concrete foundation before you actually have building plans: It’s understandable to be excited about getting the job started. But you would be amazed at how many times customers decide to go ahead with pouring a concrete foundation before they actually have plans for their steel building to refer to. It’s understandable to want to speed up the process, but ultimately, pouring the foundation could actually waste you a significant amount of time and money. Steel buildings are going to be subject to wind and weather forces, and your foundation needs to meet certain specifications to be safe for your particular project. By pouring your concrete before you have the plans, you run the risk of adding a step to the process: ripping out part or all of the foundation and starting over. That’s an absolute killer to your budget right there.
  • Getting your building equipment delivered before you’ve obtained a permit: Getting a permit to erect the building on your property should be one of the very first steps you take, before you even order the equipment you need to get the project done. Again, by getting your equipment delivered before you have approval, you run the risk of wasting a huge amount of money. If the building inspector or city official decides not to grant you the permit, you are likely stuck with a large amount of building materials and equipment that you can no longer use. You are solely responsible for the permitting process—your prefab steel building or truss manufacturer in Arkansas is not responsible. Your steel building has likely been engineered for your specific location, so once you have the materials, there is really no turning back. Do not make this mistake!
  • Buying materials from companies that do not have engineering departments: Whenever possible, you should work with manufacturing companies that have in-house engineers, or at least a long-term working relationship with local engineers. Many of these companies outsource their engineering and detailing overseas, which means that you will never have the chance to speak with or meet the individuals who are designing your project. Having this sort of working relationship with your engineer is extremely beneficial for your project.

These are three of the biggest mistakes you can make when preparing to erect a prefab steel building on your property. If you have any questions about ordering or designing steel buildings or are looking for more information about the variety of services we provide, we encourage you to reach out to today to Adams Truss, Inc., your trusted steel truss manufacturer in Arkansas.

Tips for Prefab Steel Building Construction

If you’ve never built a steel building before, there are two main things you should know: one, it is not nearly as difficult as you probably think it is, and two, you should probably still visit other steel or metal building projects near you just to get a good sense of how they work. Doing so will give you a better idea of ways you can save time and money once you begin your own prefab steel building project.

When you get the materials for your prefab steel building, they will be accompanied by some extremely detailed assembly instructions. These instructions are there for a reason; you should follow them to the letter, and read them thoroughly several times before you get started with your project.

Here are some tips for steel building construction in Arkansas using prefab materials:

Follow these tips for putting together prefab steel buildings, and you’ll find that you will drastically limit your construction costs and keep yourself and all of your workers safe throughout the project. For more information about obtaining prefab steel buildings and handling steel building construction in Arkansas, we encourage you to reach out to us today at Adams Truss, Inc.

Five Core Advantages to Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings have been around for a while, but today, they’re finally starting to
get the recognition they deserve outside of the agricultural industry. Prefab ag buildings were the true pioneers of steel buildings for a few reasons: namely because they’re cost effective and
sustainable. However, developers quickly realized that all of the superior attributes that made prefab steel great for agricultural purposes could also be realized in other developments!
What benefits do prefab buildings and steel building components in Arkansas bring to the table? Take a look at five core advantages and how they help to create a substantial return on investment for developers:
  1. Sustainability: As mentioned above, sustainability is a huge factor in the early successes of steel buildings and continues to be a defining trait today. Steel buildings have the advantage of being tremendously wear resistant, meaning they won’t break down like  traditional building components (i.e. wood or brick). Sustainability is key in new developments because it helps to minimize the lasting cost of maintenance and upkeep.
  2. Reduced build time: The name says it all: “prefabricated steel buildings.” Prefab  buildings cut construction times down substantially and make life incredibly easy for developers in the sense that a reduced timeline means fewer concerns over the long run. Many steel buildings can be put up in a fraction of the time of a normal development,  without sacrificing quality of the build.
  3. Cost savings: The reduced cost of materials for prefab steel buildings and steel building components in Arkansas makes them a truly viable option for developments that are stringently budgeted. The cost of labor is also reduced due to quick build times, making these buildings truly economical. Low overall costs open up possibilities for expansion or an increased build right form the get-go.
  4. Single source providers: Companies like Adams Truss, Inc. serve to provide everything developers need to construct their steel buildings, which means fewer cooks in the kitchen and less room for mistakes. Trying to source materials from numerous partners  and vendors can quickly become a logistical nightmare, however it’s one that’s avoided  with the single source provision that comes with steel buildings.
  5. Future potential: Because steel stands up so well over time and is so easy to work with, future additions and expansions are made easy. Scalability is an exceptional trait of steel buildings and one that’s not commonly found in traditional developments because of the finality of a core design. The utility of steel is a driver of future expansion.
With benefits like the above and more linked with prefab buildings and steel building components in Arkansas, it’s easy to see why steel has become a premier choice for commercial and agricultural developments of all times. As more and more credence is given to prefab steel buildings in the future, innovation will continue to flourish and the benefits will extrapolate!
If you’re considering a new development, take a moment to weigh the benefits of steel. It’s a smart option with tremendous upside.