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Tips for Prefab Steel Building Construction

If you’ve never built a steel building before, there are two main things you should know: one, it is not nearly as difficult as you probably think it is, and two, you should probably still visit other steel or metal building projects near you just to get a good sense of how they work. Doing so will give you a better idea of ways you can save time and money once you begin your own prefab steel building project.

When you get the materials for your prefab steel building, they will be accompanied by some extremely detailed assembly instructions. These instructions are there for a reason; you should follow them to the letter, and read them thoroughly several times before you get started with your project.

Here are some tips for steel building construction in Arkansas using prefab materials:

  • Work safe: Create a “work safe plan” before you even begin the project. Safe work sites not only protect everyone working on the project, but also help to keep costs low. Improper handling of building materials or equipment could lead to significant injury or death, whereas doing the project right will keep you safe and give you a better end result.
  • Portion the project: Divide the job up into a variety of smaller individual jobs, and assign each of these tasks to small teams of workers. This will make the job go quicker while also ensuring each task has the appropriate amount of attention dedicated to it.
  • Use experienced workers: People who have training and experience in assembling prefab steel buildings will work faster, will take their safety extremely seriously and will ultimately create a much better building. They will also require less instruction and supervision, saving you a great deal of time.
  • Bolt pieces together before you raise them: Attach as many component pieces together as is possible and safe before raising them. This will save you a great deal of time, as it’s far easier to bolt these pieces while they are still on the ground.
  • Have all needed tools and equipment on hand: Give your workers everything they need to get the job done safely and efficiently. This is certain to make the project go much more smoothly.
  • Have a drainage plan: You never know when a big rainstorm is going to hit and potentially damage your construction site. Have proper drainage all over your work site to prevent water buildup during and after construction of your steel building.
  • Build the project in sections: Similar to how you portion the project among different workers, you should also focus on specific sections of the project one at a time rather than trying to accomplish everything at once. Work from one end to the other.

Follow these tips for putting together prefab steel buildings, and you’ll find that you will drastically limit your construction costs and keep yourself and all of your workers safe throughout the project. For more information about obtaining prefab steel buildings and handling steel building construction in Arkansas, we encourage you to reach out to us today at Adams Truss, Inc.