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How to Purchase the Right Custom Roof Trusses for Steel Building Construction

Whenever you are ordering or purchasing custom roof trusses, you must already have a design in mind with accurate measurements. Manufacturers of custom roof trusses typically offer a number of different designs for various types of buildings. Usually you are going to want to go with a design that the manufacturer has in its selection, but if custom designs are necessary, you should have an accurate drawing of the design to ensure it is built to your exact specifications.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a custom roof truss for steel building construction in Arkansas:

  • Always measure correctly: The first and most important measurement you need for a roof truss is the width of the building, from the outside of one load-bearing wall to the outside of the opposite one. Determine exactly how much overhang you want in the roof, and make that a separate measurement. Then, determine the pitch of the roof, and make sure it complies with your local building codes. Pitch is the amount of rise in the roof for every 12” of length. Areas that get heavy snowfall during the winter should have a pitch of no less than 4/12.
  • Know if you want finished or unfinished ceilings: Trusses that are installed in buildings that are to have unfinished ceilings do not need to bear any weight on the bottom cord. However, if the ceiling is finished, you must also consider the weight of the drywall, fixtures and any other materials when ordering and designing your truss. You should be sure to list all potential additional materials that could affect truss weight in your specifications.
  • Know how many trusses you’ll need: The spacing of trusses depends on your local building codes and your exact building plans. They might be spaced every 16”, 18” or 24”. Therefore, you should measure out the length and width of the structure to determine the spacing and the amount of trusses you’ll need. If you do not meet local building codes, an inspector will shut down construction until you change your design to be in compliance, so it’s important to get this right the first time around to avoid this sort of inconvenience.
  • Order your custom roof trusses far in advance: Custom roof trusses take a while to make, as they must be built to your exact specifications. Therefore, you should order the trusses a minimum of four weeks in advance of construction, but preferably more. Ask your manufacturer for an estimate of how long your order will take well before you actually place the order, so you can make sure you’re setting yourself to meet your schedule.

These are just a few tips to help you better understand how to order custom roof trusses for your steel building construction in Arkansas and the types of factors you should have in mind. For more information about the services we provide and how you can order custom roof trusses from our company, contact us today at Adams Truss, Inc. We look forward to answering any questions you have.