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How to Choose a Truss Manufacturer for Your Building Needs

Are you looking at building a new steel garage, barn, hangar, warehouse or other type of storage facility? If so, you’re going to need a supplier for your equipment. But how exactly do you go about choosing a truss manufacturer to get you the equipment you need?

Here is some information from a longtime truss manufacturer in Arkansas:

  • Search for experience: The more experience a truss manufacturer has, the more you can trust in the company’s quality. A truss manufacturer that has been in business for decades, for example, is more likely to provide you the equipment you need to your exact specifications, and has likely built up a reputation for quality in the region already. You should also focus on companies with experience in your particular type of job. While a company might have decades of experience, that doesn’t mean they create trusses for every single type of building project.
  • Analyze the business’s reputation: Look for recommendations for truss manufacturers in your area and see which names come up the most often. You can use web searches to find reviews and testimonials, or you can ask around to other people or businesses who have recently built their own barns, garages and hangars to see which suppliers they used. A combination of years of experience plus an outstanding reputation usually means you can place your trust in the company.
  • Consider costs: While the cost of steel trusses and building equipment will not and should not be your only consideration, it can certainly help you make your decision when weighing a variety of options. You should not compromise too much on your budget. You know exactly what you can afford, and it’s not worth blowing way past your budget simply because you want a specific company.
  • Consider DIY ease: Some companies offer DIY steel building kits that give you all of the equipment you need to get a building set up yourself (or maybe with the help of a friend or two). These kits have materials that have already been measured and cut to exact building specifications. If you feel comfortable with taking on such a project and have analyzed the manual and instructions, going this route can save you a lot of money. Therefore, working with a company that offers these DIY kits could be your best choice in this situation.
  • Look for great customer service: You want to make sure your steel building job is done right, which means you should feel comfortable in talking to the customer service representatives and other employees at the company about the progress of the job, any setbacks that have occurred and any questions that might come up in the process. If the company suffers from poor communication or does not seem particularly approachable, you might consider looking elsewhere.

At Adams Truss, Inc., we are proud to have more than 60 years of experience as a truss manufacturer in Arkansas, and to have continually provided outstanding customer service throughout all these decades. Contact us today with any questions you have about our work.