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How Roof Trusses Are Built: Info from a Truss Manufacturer

As you prepare for your next steel building project, you will learn that one of the major components of any such project is the roof truss. The exact process for building these roof trusses varies depending on the manufacturer and the end product, but in general they follow the same steps.

Here is an overview of the steps in building roof trusses, according to your truss manufacturer in Arkansas:

  • Design: First things first: there needs to be a design in place for the truss before the building process can start. The manufacturer needs to know the exact application for which the truss is being made, how big it needs to be, where it is going to be supported and other important pieces of information. Then, the designer can create a truss that meets the requirements of the client and of local building codes.
  • Material selection: Some people prefer wood trusses, while others prefer metal. Whatever the preference, at this stage you will select the exact material you wish to use in your truss, likely based on expense, durability and other factors.
  • Creating a template: The manufacturing process is far more efficient and accurate when performed with a template. The manufacturer creates this template to outline exactly which pieces need to be used in which locations, how they will all fit together and where they will need to place plates.
  • Cutting: The next step is to actually cut the pieces out that are going to be used to build the trusses. There are a variety of methods you can use to cut your metal, so long as it fits your designs. All pieces must be cut accurately so they will meet the building specifications when complete.
  • Assembly: After all of the pieces for the trusses are cut, it’s time to put them together. The cut pieces of metal are inserted into the template created to make manufacturing easier. This ensures they match the design that has already been put in place. After this, the truss manufacturer puts the truss plates into place and prepares for the final step.
  • Pressing: The last step in manufacturing a roof truss is pressing. Here, with all of the metal cut and the truss plates put into their appropriate place, the whole assembly goes through a hydraulic press and receives a final inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, the truss is done and ready to be shipped out to the building site.

A truss manufacturer in Arkansas goes through this entire process hundreds of times per day, as it is one of the core processes associated with creating prefab buildings. It is a complicated yet necessary process that requires a great deal of know-how and experience to get done correctly every time.

For more information about the process of manufacturing custom trusses for prefab steel buildings, we encourage you to reach out to our team today at Adams Truss, Inc. We look forward to answering any questions you have for us!

How to Choose a Truss Manufacturer for Your Building Needs

Are you looking at building a new steel garage, barn, hangar, warehouse or other type of storage facility? If so, you’re going to need a supplier for your equipment. But how exactly do you go about choosing a truss manufacturer to get you the equipment you need?

Here is some information from a longtime truss manufacturer in Arkansas:

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